Theme evenings

The following are a selection of theme evenings which can be organised.

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Medieval Market


  •  Untitled-1Experience the adventure and romance of the Middle Ages.
  •  Travel back years and immerse yourself in a genuine Maltese village environment with all the hustle and bustle of a typical medieval lively celebration.
  •  It’s authentic, it’s traditional, it’s cultural and it’s interactive.

Run of programme

  • Untitled-1  As guests arrive they will be greeted by an entourage which will include folk men and women in traditional costumes.
  •  The greeting area will be decorated with colourful banners, gas fire torches and fire bowls.
  •  Guests will be escorted into the dining area where a medieval market will be setup. Guests will experience the various arts and crafts and other acts which will make part of the market.

Medieval market & Acts

  •  Untitled-1 Delegates will experience the feel of medieval times in a market.
  •  Delegates will be greeted and entertained by folk men and women, peasants, medieval acts, arts and crafts.
  •  Market area will consist of stalls with various arts and crafts, including blacksmith, wine bar, cheese making, weaving, cigar rolling, wicker basket making, drape stall, tool stall, filigree, lace, bread making, wool stall, nougat stall, carpet stall and vegetable carts.



Royal Extravaganza


  • Visions of the future through poetry of the past explore sounds, costumes and the history of an island. Publicly recognise your guests’ achievements. The pomp and pageantry of being invited to a banquet by the Grandmaster is what makes this programme unique.

Run of programme

  • Delegates are met by Master of Ceremonies, torch bearers, trumpeters, drummers, flag bearers, spear bearers, guards firing muskets, noble couples and knights on horseback all flanked with gas fire torches which are 7 feet high. A red carpet decorates the entrance to the venue. Master of Ceremonies leads delegates into venue accompanied by noble couples. The venue is decorated with red stand alone banners bearing a white eight pointed cross and stand alone candelabras. Immediately after the Master of Ceremonies announces the banquet open and invites delegates to take their seats at table.
  • As soon as delegates are seated the Master of Ceremonies invites the Grand Master who enters the dinner area together with drummers and trumpeters. He gives a short welcome speech and performs a mass knighting ceremony. You may also opt to have a selected group for a knighting investiture or personalised certificate awarding.
  • A four/five piece band or string trio/quartet entertains throughout dinner (various styles are available including Jazz and Blues, Modern hits and Latin Pop, 60’s and 70’s, Salsa).
  • First course is served and dancers perform short acts around the tables connected to the era of the Spanish in Malta. Second course is served and a belly dancer, an acrobat, a fire eater and a sword swallower/juggler perform their acts simultaneously to the same music around tables.
  • Main course is served and the same performers interchange positions and repeat their act. Dessert and coffee are served and court dancers wearing black and white traditional dresses perform a 12 minute act.



Blessings of the Gods


  • Transport yourself back to mythological times where gods, nymphs, high priests and more are invoked back to life. Tap into the creativity you have and enjoy this original and interactive presentation.

Run of programme


  •  Guests are met outside venue by nymphs and a high priest, holding torches. The way to the venue will be decorated by fire bowls and a red carpet. The high priest will welcome guests and together with the other nymphs will lead guests into venue. On arrival at the venue the nymphs will give delegates a toga and a laurel wreath head dress to wear. Alternatively the togas can be left in the hotel room and guests will wear them before they depart.
  •  The venue will be decorated with decadent drapes, chiffon cascades, low cushions, carpets and small tables and delegates will be able to experience a Roman feast. Nymphs will feed grapes to delegates and serve wine from pottery jugs. The nymphs will interact with the guests who can join in the various photo opportunities created for the evening. A grape pressing stand may also be set up and guests may give this a try.
  •  To the sound of a gong, the high priest invites Bacchus to welcome guests and declare the banquet open.foto9
  •  First course is served and an illusionist in Roman attire entertains guests by performing close up tricks throughout the evening.
  •  After the first course is cleared an acrobat gives a 9 minute performance.
  •  As second course is served guests are entertained by a sword swallower.
  •  As dessert and coffee are served a belly dancer gives a 10 minute performance.



Circus Spectacular


  •  Transport your guests to their childhood dreams, the colour and fun of the circus. Connect the new and contact the old and become part of this special evening. Guests are showered with the spirit of merry making and frivolity for this whimsical evening.

Run of programme


  •  Delegates are greeted outside the venue by stilt walkers and clowns who lead delegates to area where welcome drink is served. This area will be decorated in a cirque-like set up which will include a dart gallery, a skittle gallery, a western corner, a balloon stall, a popcorn stall, a candy floss stall, a music box and majorettes, popcorn girls, clowns, fire eaters and stilt walkers. Each stall will be attended by 2 actors wearing colourful cirque-like costumes.
  •  The actors will entice delegates to participate in the games while entertaining circus music is played.
  •  Delegates will be led into the dining area by actors who will place balloons on each table.
  •  The actors will mingle with delegates for photo opportunities and the band will entertain delegates throughout the evening.
  •  After the first course is served a female vocalist performs a 12 minute act from a swing (if size of venue permits).
  •  After main course is served the dancers perform a 15 minute lively dance act connected with the theme of the evening. Alternatively, various actors can perform interactive acts in between courses.
  •  The band plays upbeat music for delegates to dance the night away.





  •  The streets of Venice are filled with magic and awe. You will be transported to a mystical world where everyone is faceless and where tranquillity reigns. Immerse yourself in a mystical forgotten world which has been created especially for you!

Run of programme14

  •  Delegates are met by footmen and ladies in full Venetian costumes.
  •  Vignettes adorn the way as delegates walk into the dining area.
  •  The foyer is decorated by masks hanging from the ceiling and ambience lighting to set the mood.
  •  A flute is played as hosts and hostesses wearing Venetian style costumes welcome and interact with delegates.
  •  A vocalist appears and performs one number from the musical Phantom of the Opera and disappears again.15
  •  The hosts lead delegates into the dining area.
  •  The dining area will be decorated with black chair covers and gold bows. A centre piece with small Venetian masks will be at the centre of each table.
  •  A quartet/harpist/pianist may entertain throughout dinner while a walk around illusionist will perform close up tricks at table.
  •  In between courses the female vocalist accompanied by a male vocalist perform 3 numbers from the same musical adding a mystical touch to the evening.
  •  After dessert the quartet will play waltzes for delegates to dance the night away.



Mdina Cathedral Organ Recital


The guests enter the Cathedral which is dimly lit by candle light. As guests are seated the main door is shut and the female solo voice starts singing a cappella. Upon reaching the higher pitches, the Cathedral is gradually lit and the organ majestically joins in, accompanying the Mezzo Soprano.


  •  Diva & organ: Ave Maria – G. Caccini: soprano starts a cappella, organ joins in while cathedral lights are lit gradually.
  •  Organ: Prelude – Roulers/Rossini: soprano remains on front alter but moves to the side
  •  Diva & organ: Ave Maria – Bach/Gounod
  •  Diva & organ: Panis Angelicus – C. Franck

Pieces are written by composers from various eras.

The Mezzo Soprano is accompanied by the Cathedral pipe organ.



Deep Oceans


  •  Entertaining programme set within the landscape of our island.
  •  A programme where ideas dance to the never-ending time of possibilities.

Run of programme17

  •  Delegates are met by demigods and nymphs. Bistro tables with blue table cloths are positioned in the area where welcome drinks will be served. Images of the underwater world are projected on the walls.
  •  Calypso will greet and welcome guests and invite them into her kingdom.
  •  The welcome drink area and dining area will look like imaginary waters created by light effects.
  •  When delegates arrive they will be greeted by the voices of the mermaids and the sound of the wind.
  •  Dinner is served and in between the courses a mermaid will entertain delegates with her beautiful voice
  •  An acrobat will perform short acts in keeping with the theme.



Winter Wonderland


  •  Whisk away this winter season and experience a delightful and magical Winter Wonderland in style.

Run of programme19

  •  Delegates are welcomed by the host of the evening Man in White (a man in white suit and top hat and silver face make-up)
  •   Delegates are lead to the Winter Wonderland tunnel adorned with silver trees with Christmas lighting, a red carpet and white curtains with silver bows lit with ice blue lights. Elves and white dressed female Santas will lead guests to the welcoming chill out area to listen to the impeccable voice of the Queen of Ice who will be sitting on a silver throne on stage.
  •  The attraction of the chill out area will be the Queen of Ice, the artificial snow and the projections of icy mountains on20 big partitions. Three bars will be decorated with ice sculptures and ice tops. The elves and Santas will be roaming around the delegates. An area with light up bistro tables with stools, white leather settees, low cushions, carpets, coffee tables, candles and centre pieces are positioned at the sides for delegates to chill out during the after party. The Man in White will declare the banquet open.
  •  The tables in the dining area will be dressed up with silver runners with a decorative table tree-like centerpiece and silver confetti.  The banquet area will be lit with ice blue lights.
  •  After dinner delegates can proceed to the chill out area for some fun. A professional deejay will entertain guests with music whilst inviting delegates to step on stage to perform their hidden singing talents.



Village Culture


  •  The village square is where traditionally the Maltese celebrate all important events of their life.  This cultured representation promoting these celebrations is colourful and vibrant exposing tradition and traditional customs.

Run of programme

  •  Guests are met outside the venue by couples in traditional Maltese costumes. They are led to the area where welcome drinks are served, which will be decorated with stand alone banners. A nougat stand and “imqaret” stand will add to the decoration.
  •  The village band greets them and plays on while guests are enjoying their welcome drink.
  •  Upon entering the banquet hall the village band performs until all guests are seated and water and wine is served.
  •  Strolling musicians also in traditional Maltese costumes will entertain guests throughout the meal.
  •  After the first course the village dancers give a 12 minute performance.
  •  After the main course three musicians perform a 9 minute act using traditional instruments which date back from the times of the Spanish in Malta. These are known as the “zaqq”,23 “zafzafa” and “tambur”.
  •  After dessert and coffee the court dancers give a 12 minute performance to recorded music in traditional black and white dresses.
  •  Fire works can be included at the end of the evening if permits are obtained.