iconsThe islands that make up the Maltese archipelago include the largest Malta, Gozo the mythical isle of Calypso and tiny Comino famous for its Blue Lagoon. Together the Maltese islands form a very special diving site at the heart of the Mediterranean.

The waters around Malta, Gozo and Comino offer some of the best diving in Europe as confirmed by the readers of one of the leading dive magazines which placed Malta as the Top European destination and the third best in the World. What makes diving in Malta truly superb is the excellent mix of great dive sites, easy access, clear warm waters all year round, and an interesting array of marine life. At just a couple of hours’ flight from major European cities, the islands are easily accessible for long weekend diving breaks as well.


Diving for all

The islands offer excellent diving for both beginners and experienced open water and cave divers. You can learn to dive in just a few days and then enjoy yourself diving around the many dive sites which Malta offers from reefs and caves to wrecks and so much more. With their natural harbours, bays, sheltered creeks, cliffs, reefs and wrecks, the islands invite you to explore their warm waters.

For the more experienced a night dive where colours appear almost fluorescent by torchlight, a deep dive to 30 or 40 meters, or technical wreck dives provide more excitement and a unique experience.



Malta’s maritime history has endowed it with a number of very interesting historical wrecks including World War II ships like the Maori in Valletta and planes such as the Bristol Beufighter. For technical divers Malta also has submarines and warships.

In recent years the diving community and the authorities have worked together to scuttle a number of wrecks to make the various dive sites around Malta and Gozo more interesting. The wrecks offer divers a reference point and an opportunity to discover the ship and the abundant sea life which takes up residence in and around these artificial reefs.


Marine life & conditions

The marine life in Malta is typically Mediterranean flourishing in a vibrant display of colours. One can often see anything from sea urchins to star fish, from octopus to groupers, from sea horses to barracudas, from tuna to moray eels and much, much more.

Diving in Malta is an all-year-round sport, as ideal weather conditions can be virtually guaranteed. The waters here are some of the most limpid and clear in the world with excellent visibility of up to 40 meters.

The sea temperature averages 23ºC in summer and in the coldest months of December to March the average sea temperature never falls below 15ºC. The prospect of an active sun and sea sport holiday is just as tempting in winter. At this time of year you can see some wonderful species: fish such as the John Dory come closer to shore in winter. So the Maltese islands are also a dream destination for underwater photography.


Dive Systems

Our recommended partners are Dive Systems, one of the longest established, largest and most reputable dive centres on the islands providing the right mix of fun, safety and excellent diving. The dive centre is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment and amenities to allow you to relax before, during and after your dives in a safe environment and friendly atmosphere. Instructors are all qualified, careful, diligent and friendly and know the dive sites well. They will make sure you get to see as much as possible of the local sea life and appreciate and respect the underwater environment. Whilst English is spoken by everyone at the centre, instructors can be provided speaking a number of other languages. All equipment is regularly tested and maintained to ensure reliability.

From their base at the water’s edge in the popular and central seaside town of Sliema – Malta’s leading holiday resort and nightlife centre – they offer an array of diving services including:

  • introductory dives and snorkeling lessons
  • international diving courses and training for PADI
  • accompanied dives and diving packages for experienced divers
  • live-aboard diving
  • hire packages for unaccompanied dives
  • hire, retail and servicing of all diving equipment
  • refilling of cylinders with Air, Nitrox and Trimix

Non-diving relatives and friends are also welcome to use their facilities and relax on the beach area from which they can watch the day’s activities. There is also a children’s play-ground and a public garden within a radius of 200 metres. Various restaurants and snack bars are within easy reach.


The Maltese islands and Dive Systems are your key to entering a new and interesting world, a world where you can glide weightless and see amazing fish and animals in their natural habitat, a world which allows you to relax and have fun whilst learning and discovering, a world of incredible beauty and splendor.

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